The Soul of Montclair Photo Walk: Sunday, September 23rd at 2:30pm

Bring your DSLR, IPhone or whatever you take pictures with and join photographers Elaine Schenkel and Nick Levitin on a walk through the streets of Montclair to capture the town’s heartbeat. How you hear/relate to this heartbeat is unique to your own way of “seeing .” Learn to receive the image and commune with the world around you through the art of contemplative photography. Montclair, like all towns, has many secrets to share with those who are willing to perceive and listen with their cameras.

Participants will meet at The Creativity Caravan to view Elaine's exhibit and then be guided on a walk through Montclair, make a stop to see Nick's exhibition at 73 See Gallery, eventually ending up back at The Creativity Caravan. Wear walking shoes and dress appropriately for weather.